Urgent: Help Locate Missing Teen, Shanna Vincent, from Bristol, Rhode Island

Urgent: Help Locate Missing Teen, Shanna Vincent, from Bristol, Rhode Island

The Bristol community is mobilizing efforts to locate 14-year-old Shanna Vincent, who has been missing since Tuesday night. Concerns are mounting due to her medical condition, prompting an immediate and intensive search to ensure she receives necessary medical attention.

Shanna was last seen wearing green cargo pants, a black jacket with a hood, white Nike socks, and black and white sneakers.

As the search intensifies, the Bristol Police Department urges anyone with information about Shanna’s whereabouts to contact them at 401-253-6900. Additionally, her mother can be reached at 803-448-0391.

Community involvement is crucial in spreading awareness and keeping a vigilant lookout for Shanna to ensure her safe return. Every piece of information, regardless of its perceived significance, could prove vital in identifying her and facilitating her access to medical assistance.

As Shanna’s loved ones navigate this distressing ordeal, the Bristol community stands in solidarity, offering thoughts and prayers while actively participating in search efforts. Their unwavering support underscores the town’s resilience and unity in times of crisis. It is imperative that collective efforts remain steadfast and unwavering until Shanna is safely reunited with her family.

In this critical time, Bristol residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any potential sightings or information that may aid in locating Shanna. Together, let us rally behind the Vincent family and ensure Shanna’s safe return home.

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