Stevie Kimpel death, Beloved Special Olympian of Edgerton, OH passed away after a brief illness

Stevie Kimpel death, Beloved Special Olympian of Edgerton, OH passed away after a brief illness

HUGE LOSS: Today, the Edgerton community and the wider Williams County mourn the loss of a truly remarkable individual, Stevie Kimpel. Known for his profound impact on many lives within the community, Stevie’s passing at 4:30 this afternoon marks a moment of immense sorrow and reflection for all who knew him.

Surrounded by his brothers, sisters, and family in his final moments, Stevie leaves behind a legacy of kindness, resilience, and community spirit that will be cherished and remembered forever. Join us as we honor the memory of Stevie Kimpel, a beacon of light and love in the lives of many.

“Edgerton Mourns the Loss of Stevie Kimpel”

In the heart of northwest Ohio, in a small town named Edgerton, lived a man whose spirit and enthusiasm touched everyone he met. Steve Kimpel, known affectionately to many as Stevie, was a beacon of joy, community, and unyielding support for his beloved Edgerton Bulldogs.

His recent passing has left a void in the community, but his legacy of kindness, resilience, and infectious cheerfulness endures.  Official statements and family announcements have confirmed the sad news of his passing this afternoon at the age of 55. They shared a heartfelt message, saying:

His wings were ready, but our hearts were not. ♥️ Stevie passed away at 4:30 this afternoon. His brothers, sisters, and family were with him. This is a photo taken a few years ago at the Dayton US Air Force Museum on a vacation with his family. We miss him already. .

Cause of death

Stevie Kimpel, the beloved Special Olympian of Edgerton, Ohio, passed away after a brief illness, leaving the community in mourning. Stevie, born in 1969 to Ruth and Vernon Kimpel of Edgerton, faced unique challenges from the start as he was born with Down Syndrome, being the eleventh and youngest child in the family.

Despite initial recommendations for institutional care, his parents chose to embrace and integrate him into their home and community. Stevie’s life unfolded with the unwavering love and support of his ten siblings, who became his extended family, helping him navigate his education and various aspects of life with Down Syndrome.

Yesterday, Stevie’s family provided an update on his health, revealing the cause of his passing. Speaking on behalf of the family, his sister Marlene shared,

“Stevie’s health took a downturn a few weeks ago following some seizures. As his condition worsened, the family sought additional assistance, leading to the initiation of hospice care.” Amid their heartbreak, the family finds solace in knowing that Stevie’s wish to reunite with his mom and dad will soon be fulfilled.

They gather in his home, offering support and continuing to care for him during this challenging time. Marlene mentioned, “We’ve been reading his greeting cards to him, ensuring he feels the abundance of love sent right to his doorstep.”

The accompanying photo, taken a few weeks back, captures Stevie’s love for observing sunrises and his lifelong passion for gazing at the moon. Through his fascination with the skies, he imparted a sense of wonder to those around him. ⭐️

Who is Stevie? 

Born in 1969 into the large and loving family of Ruth and Vernon Kimpel, Stevie was the youngest of eleven siblings. Despite the challenges presented by Down Syndrome, Stevie’s life was one of full integration and acceptance, thanks in no small part to the unwavering support of his family and community. From the outset, his brothers and sisters embraced him with open arms, a testament to the family’s deep bonds and love.

stevie kimpel
Stevie has been a dedicated participant in the Special Olympics for 47 years.

Growing Up Kimpel

Stevie’s early years were marked by a pioneering spirit, as he became one of the first children with Down Syndrome to be integrated into the public school system in Williams County. His educational journey took him through various schools, depending on the services he needed, including Stryker, West Unity, Bryan, and Montpelier. Ultimately, he proudly graduated from Edgerton High School in 1989, a true Bulldog at heart.

A-Pillar of the Community

Stevie’s presence was a staple at local ball games, where his big smile and enthusiastic cheers became synonymous with Edgerton sports. Beyond the games, he was a familiar face at his favorite Subway at the Marathon C-Store, greeting friends and strangers alike with warmth and affection. His ability to remember everyone by their hometown highlighted his genuine interest in people and his remarkable memory.

Stevie’s Impact

Stevie’s influence extended far beyond his immediate circle, touching the lives of everyone in Edgerton and the surrounding communities. His life challenged and changed the perceptions of Down Syndrome, showcasing the capabilities and potential of individuals with disabilities. His integration into public schools and participation in the Special Olympics for 45 years stand as a testament to his determination and the community’s support.

A Sporting Spirit

A passionate athlete, Stevie shone brightly in the Special Olympics, participating in track and basketball, and earning a treasure trove of medals. His prowess in basketball, especially his three-point shots, made him a valued teammate on the D5 Sharks. Stevie’s dedication to sports was matched only by his love for the Edgerton Bulldogs, embodying the spirit of the true fan with his unwavering attendance and support.

Legacy of Joy

Stevie’s legacy is one of joy, resilience, and the power of community. His life serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, and the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of many.

As his sister Marlene reflected, Stevie helped everyone realize what truly matters in life. His passing is a profound loss, but his spirit and the lessons he taught us will forever remain.

In remembering Steve Kimpel, we celebrate a life lived to the fullest, a heart that loved without limits, and a spirit that lifted everyone it touched. Rest in peace, Stevie. Your community and the countless lives you’ve touched are better for having known you.

“Remembering Stevie: Tributes from the community”

Carrie Corbitt Schlade:

Sending prayers to your family, friends, Special Olympics family, and the Edgerton Community. Stevie was the BEST community partner and touched the hearts of many in Edgerton and beyond. So deeply sorry for your loss.

Tiffany Edgerton:

I remember when we used to live in Edgerton, and he would ride his bike along with my kids when they got out of school, making sure they were safe . He was a pure soul, and we will miss him. Prayers, love, and light to his family. Truly blessed to have known him ❤️.

Lauren Watson:

Sending love to the family . I still remember his Subway order from when I worked there in high school . He was easily one of the best customers I had there. .

Shelley Perry Landis:

I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. He was so full of life and had a heart of gold. He was the biggest Bulldog fan and the pillar of our community. Our community lost a beautiful soul, but heaven gained a precious angel. Thank you, Stevie, for the wonderful memories. We will miss you dearly ❤️❤️.

Bobbi Brown:

Sweet Stevie…you are a true example of love without boundaries!! I loved having donuts with you at Life Changing Church on Sunday mornings and just chatting about what was important in your world!! I love your free-loving spirit….remember to “Love like Stevie.” You will be missed…♥️♥️♥️.

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