Randy Randazzo Obituary, Randy Randazzo Has Passed Away – Death

Randy Randazzo Obituary, Randy Randazzo Has Passed Away – Death

Randy Randazzo Obituary, Death – One of the things that makes attending Lyme WNY events so exciting is the possibility of meeting new individuals and getting to know them better. This is one of the reasons why such meetings are so thrilling.

While there are some people who only meet their commitments once, there are others who fulfil their obligations multiple times, and there are yet others who fulfil their obligations on a regular basis.

consistently desiring to be of assistance, consistently desiring to learn new knowledge, and consistently desiring to pay attention to what is being spoken are all examples of a desire that is present.

The Randazzo brothers, Randy and Alex, were seen on many occasions throughout the course of the annual event. Because they were the parents of a person who was battling Lyme disease, they arrived to the hospital.

With the intention of attentively listening, acquiring knowledge, and offering support for their son, who was receiving support from them, they came with the intention of providing assistance.
On Friday, January 26th, Randy Randazzo, who was known to be one of our most generous supporters, passed away.

Because he was a part of our community, the news of his dying caused our community to feel a sense of loss. He requested that monetary contributions be made to Lyme WNY in lieu of flowers being sent to the funeral home.

The members of their family, including their wife Alex, have voiced their desire for this. Randazzo, I pray that God will bless you and your family as you go through this challenging time. I am sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing.

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