Mollie Messimer Obituary, Mollie Messimer Has Passed Away – Death

Mollie Messimer Obituary, Mollie Messimer Has Passed Away – Death

Mollie Messimer Obituary, Death – Upon learning of Mollie’s departure, we were overcome with grief. Throughout her life, she left an impression on everyone who was in her immediate vicinity. In addition to being a passionate animal lover, Mollie is described as being adventurous, vibrant, and quirky.

Her favourite animals are Icelandic Sheepdogs, which she adores. Mollie’s family and friends have described her as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for everyone. When we enter into Patina, we shall miss her sweet smile and the friendly greeting she always gave us. She will be greatly missed by everyone in the community!

During the year 2023, a few of us at GHS had the opportunity to personally experience Mollie’s generosity, kindness, and eccentricity. This is something that the most of people are unaware of, but Mollie and her partner Chris have been quietly assisting GHS in making a few updates within our facility. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that we were able to get to know this beautiful woman.

In lieu of sending flowers, Mollie’s family and friends have requested that donations be made to the Greenbrier Humane Society during this difficult time. Our feelings of appreciation are overwhelming.

Any individual who is considering making a donation to GHS in Mollie’s memory is greatly appreciated. We want to utilise those gifts in order to proceed with the enhancements that Mollie and Chris initiated with such a heartfelt and generous gesture in the previous year.

VThe things that Mollie loved and appreciated the most during her life will ensure that her light and legacy will continue to burn brightly. Mollie’s family has our sincerest condolences in this difficult time. From the depths of our hearts, we are really and deeply sorry for the loss that you have suffered.

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