Malcolm Rumbelow Obituary, Malcolm Rumbelow Has Passed Away – Death

Malcolm Rumbelow Obituary, Malcolm Rumbelow Has Passed Away – Death

Malcolm Rumbelow Obituary, Death – Malcolm Rumbelow, I hope that you are finally able to find some rest. Instead of sending flowers, we would want to express our appreciation to his daughter, Charmaine, as well as to his friends and family for making a contribution to the lives of animals that are in need.

This is something that we would like to do during the celebration of his life. For their kindheartedness, we would want to express our gratitude.

Malcolm was brought up on a dairy farm in Zambia for the majority of his childhood, and it was there that he developed a strong love and appreciation for animals. During the years that followed, he established himself as a well-known car electrician in Knysna.

He became a prosperous businessman during the course of his working life. The enormity of the donation that was sent to Oudtshoorn left us speechless and unable to find the appropriate words to express our thanks.

Over the course of the following week, we will make it a priority to give you photographs that illustrate the remarkable contributions that you have supplied. I would want to express my deepest appreciation to each and every person who made a purchase or other contribution.

Charmaine, her employer Seagual, the compassionate staff at Belvedere Retirement Village, Margaret Bolt and her sons Bobby and Doug, Lisette and Ian Withers, her brother Robert, and her cousin Evan Rumbelow are among the individuals who have been profoundly affected by this tragedy. Other individuals who have been affected include her brother Robert and her nephew Evan Rumbelow.

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