Mackle Harte Obituary, Mackle Harte Has Passed Away – Death

Mackle Harte Obituary, Mackle Harte Has Passed Away – Death

Mackle Harte Obituary, Death – Within the confines of Craigavon Area Hospital, Mackle, whose maiden name was Harte, died away in a serene and tranquil manner on the 28th of January, 2024. She made her home in Dungannon for the duration of her stay there.

At the residence located at 6 Castleglen Park, Eilish, who was the cherished spouse of Hugo, the dedicated mother of Michelle, Hugo James, and Ryan, and the sister of Stephen, Ciaran, Aidan, Jerome, and Denise, passed away.

It was also true that she was Denise’s sister. Once upon a time, she was a member of the Royal Irish Regiment and served in that capacity.

With the purpose of making preparations for the Requiem Mass that will be held at St. Patrick’s Church at noon on Tuesday, the remains of Eilish will be transported from her residence at 11.15 a.m. on Tuesday. This will take place in order to make the necessary arrangements. The celebration of the Mass will be held in Eilish’s honour.

Following the altercation, the burial took place in the Carland Road Cemetery, which was the location of the cemetery at the time.

As a consequence of her departure, a significant number of her family members, including her husband, who is experiencing grief over her passing, her daughter, her sons, her brothers, her sister, her brothers in law, her sisters in law, her nephews, her nieces, her grandchildren, and other relatives, are experiencing a profound sense of melancholy. My prayer is that the Lord will take compassion on her soul and grant her redemption. God hears my plea.

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