Karter Martin Obituary-Death News; Shreveport UK Resident, Karter Martin Passes Away

Karter Martin Obituary-Death News; Shreveport UK Resident, Karter Martin Passes Away

Karter Martin, a one-year-old boy, died suddenly after numerous bullets were fired into an apartment at Stone Vista Apartments on East Stoner Avenue.

The city of Shreveport is in shock over this horrific incident. After the apartment was situated on Stoner Avenue, the occurrence took place.

On Sunday, February 11, at approximately 3:48 a.m., the Shreveport Police Department received a report of gunfire and responded promptly to the Stoner Hill subdivision.

The police learned that an apartment in Building 12 had been the subject of an attack as soon as they arrived. The property’s occupants, a man, a woman, and a young child called Karter Martin, had all been asleep when the gunfire struck.

The child tragically died at the scene of the incident from a deadly gunshot wound to the head, according to the Caddo coroner’s office.

The man also sustained a gunshot wound, and after being transported to a neighboring hospital, he is currently in critical condition and is fighting potentially lethal injuries.

This terrible act of violence that has rocked the town to its core is what killed Karter Martin. The Shreveport police department has consequently launched an instant search for the perpetrator of this horrific murder.

It is crucial that the police seek justice for Karter and his family as they are working nonstop to apprehend the gunman and hold them responsible for their actions.

Due to this terrible incident, the community is in grief for a young life that was taken too soon and is supporting Karter’s family at this unbelievably difficult time.

Locals are being urged to come forward with any information that could help law enforcement in their efforts to put this awful incident behind them during the investigation.

As a community, let’s denounce acts of violence and strive to make our city a more secure and safe place for everyone to live. This will guarantee that disasters like this one never occur again.

Throughout this trying time, we are sending our condolences to Karter Martin’s family and loved ones as they struggle to cope with the immense grief and loss that this senseless act of murder has caused them.

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