John Aiken Obituary, John Aiken Has Passed Away – Death

John Aiken Obituary, John Aiken Has Passed Away – Death

John Aiken Obituary, Death – John Aiken, who had been a resident of Newry and had lived at 21 Ashfield Avenue, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner at Daisy Hill Hospital on January 28, 2024. He had been a resident of Newry.

Through the course of the last few years, he had been residing there. At all times when he was at the medical centre, he was confined to his bed completely. At this very time, he is taking a vacation from his work and getting some much-needed relaxation.

This man was not only the devoted father of Deirdre and Joanne, but he was also the cherished husband of Anne, who had passed away. Anne had been his wife for many years. For a considerable amount of time, Anne had been without him.

As a father, he was a selfless individual who was committed to his family. Tomorrow, which is Monday, January 29th, at one o’clock in the afternoon, the mortal remains of John will be laid to rest at the residence that he formerly occupied.

This particular event will take place in the same location. An occasion that will serve as a memorial to his life will take place as a consequence of this. This will not take place until the morning of the day after tomorrow, as there is no chance that this will happen before then.

next the day after the day after that, the confirmation of any additional arrangements that have been made will take place throughout the course of the next day, which is the day after the day after that.

In the aftermath of his departure, his loyal daughters, grandchildren Olivia, Matthew, Annie, and Eoghan, sons-in-law Paddy and Paul, and the entire family circle have all shown their profound regret through their expressions of sorrow. This has been the case throughout the entire family circle.

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