Jennifer Kesse Missing Person, Resident of Orlando FL is Missing, Help Find

Jennifer Kesse Missing Person, Resident of Orlando FL is Missing, Help Find

Jennifer Kesse Missing Person – On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance, her family made an impassioned appeal on social media. Jennifer Kesse was last seen leaving her condo in Orlando, Florida, and there had been no evidence of her absence.

On January 24, 2006, when she was 24 years old, the young woman vanished from her brand-new condominium, which was situated within a complex known as Mosaic at Millenia.

After two days, the authorities located her vehicle, a black 2006 Chevrolet Malibu, at a different residential complex known as Huntington on the Green, which is approximately one mile away from Mosaic at Millenia.

This was after a neighbour reported seeing her vehicle on television, which led to the discovery of the vehicle. There has never been a single arrest made.

Jennifer Kesse may have vanished without a trace. According to Jennifer Kesse’s family, they are still holding out hope that any DNA evidence will one day assist detectives in solving the mystery of her disappearance in 2006.

Kesse was 24 years old when she abruptly disappeared from the condo she was living in in Orlando, Florida, on January 24, 2006.

It was reported by her uncle, Bill Gilmour, to FOX News Digital in the year 2023 that the Orlando Police Department (OPD) asserted “that there wasn’t… any evidence or nothing of consequence with [her] car.” Bill Gilmour went on to publish a book titled “Aftermath of Jennifer Kesse’s Abduction: An Uncle’s Quest for Understanding and Inspiring Life Lessons.”

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