Dan Dewolf Obituary Fairville NY, Volunteer Firefighter Has Died – Death

Dan Dewolf Obituary Fairville NY, Volunteer Firefighter Has Died – Death

Dan Dewolf Obituary, Death – A firefighter who went tragically unexpectedly on Sunday while performing his duties in Wayne County has been successfully identified. The firefighter was conducting his duties. The firefighter was currently working in Wayne County, which was his current location.

According to a news statement that was made by the department, Firefighter Daniel DeWolf, who had been a member of the Fairville Volunteer Fire Department for a period of 32 years, passed away unexpectedly at the scene of a fire that took place on Fairville Maple Ridge Road in Arcadia on Sunday evening. These events took place on Sunday.

An emergency medical situation that occurred at the scene of the fire was identified as the cause of death, according to the findings of the investigation. While DeWolf was there at the scene of a building fire on Sunday evening, he experienced a heart arrest. He passed out immediately after the event. This was something that occurred several times throughout the course of the evening.

For the duration of his decades of volunteer service with the Fairville Fire Department, DeWolf had a variety of positions, including working as a line officer and having previously held the position of fire chief, amongst other positions. During this time, he also served in a number of other capacities.

In a press statement issued in conjunction with the memorial service, officials from the fire department provided the following statement: “He leaves behind a loving family, both within and outside of the fire department.” His family is a member of the fire service, and he leaves them behind.

The family members were both firefighters and had served in the fire department at some point in their lives. Not a single announcement has been made to the general public regarding the current state of affairs regarding the funeral plans for DeWolf.

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