Benny Corr Obituary-Death News; Former Player Of Fianna Oileán An Ghuail CLG, Benny Corr Passes Away

Benny Corr Obituary-Death News; Former Player Of Fianna Oileán An Ghuail CLG, Benny Corr Passes Away

We were all devastated to learn about Benny Corr’s untimely demise this morning. He was a former chairman and a terrific buddy.

Benny has been an integral part of Coalisland Fianna since his days as a player, manager, and chairman, savoring every facet of our illustrious team. A player wearing the blue jersey in his younger days was an agile, lightning-fast forward.

Benny played for our club all his life. When they were so close to winning the titles in 1968 and 1969, he was called up to the senior squad. After his playing career ended, Benny remained involved with the team in various capacities.

We won multiple youth league titles and championships there, the most well-known being the minor crown in 1995. Benny continued on; he was our chairman from 2001 to 2004.

In 2003, our club celebrated its centenary, and selecting ticket winners was difficult because Tyrone was facing Armagh in the All-Ireland Final.

Following a series of heated debates about who should be in charge of the club, Benny the chairman at the time—made the decision to pull names out of a hat in order to treat every member equally.

All club officials, including the manager, player, chairman, treasurer, secretary, youth officer, and regular member, were equally eligible to get a ticket; this policy is still in effect today.

Benny was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007 during a club dinner dance at the Glenavon. Benny frequently observes youth practices and sports at Fr. Peter Campbell Park.

He was there Friday night, just two days ago, watching one of our youth teams train. It is devastating to lose another of our club’s all-time greats because members such as Benny are uncommon.

He handled everything related to the club, player, manager, committee, stewarding, fundraising, lottery, and Hall of Fame. Benny was the backbone of both our club and the GAA, and we shall always remember him.

Our deepest sympathies are with the families of Corr and Nixon during this sad and trying time, together with his wife Ethna, children Elaine, Brenda, Francis, Aidan, and his grandchildren.

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