Annie Kerr Obituary, Annie Kerr Has Passed Away – Death

Annie Kerr Obituary, Annie Kerr Has Passed Away – Death

Annie Kerr Obituary, Death – It was in her former home, which was located at 4 Glennan Road in Omagh, that she spent her final moments in a manner that was both respectable and respectful.

Her cherished children were none other than Irene, Harold, Ronnie, Angela, John, and Gisela, all of whom have since passed away. She was a mother figure to each and every one of them. She was a mother-in-law to David, Bernie, and Aileen, all of whom have since died away.

In addition to being a grandmother and a great-grandmother, she will also be remembered as a mother-in-law. Both her great-grandmother and her grandmother were held in very high esteem by a significant number of her relatives.

James Henry had been her husband for a very long time, and he had the utmost respect for her due to the fact that she was his wife. James Henry was unable to recover from his illness and passed away.

Those who are interested in paying a visit to her residence, including friends and neighbours, are encouraged to stop by and pay her a visit. She would be delighted to have them. The burial of Annie’s remains will take place in Greenhill Cemetery following the memorial ceremony that will be held in her honour on Wednesday at 1.30 p.m.

in the Kingdom Hall. The event will be held in honour of Annie’s life. Following the conclusion of the memorial service, the ceremony will come to a close. The Kingdom Hall will serve as the setting for the service that will take place within it.


There is no question in my mind that each and every member of the family circle will think of you with thanks and affection. I promise you that this will happen.


“Even though you are not physically present, you will remain in our hearts forever.”

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