Aidan O’Reilly Obituary, Aidan O’Reilly Has Passed Away – Death

Aidan O’Reilly Obituary, Aidan O’Reilly Has Passed Away – Death

Aidan O’Reilly Obituary, Death – In spite of the fact that O’REILLY currently resides in Courtbrack, which is situated in the county of Cork, he was, in fact, originally from Clara, which is also located in the same county. COMDT. AIDAN, the dedicated brother of Richella, Neill, and Rory, the much-loved uncle of Molly, Joseph, Elsie Mae, Calla Rose, and Daniel, passed away unexpectedly on January 27, 2024.

He was the loving husband of Ann (née Daly), the beloved son of Joseph and Helen, and the devoted brother of Richella, Neill, and Rory. It was clear that he was devoted to his siblings Richella, Neill, and Rory.

He was a child who was highly valued because he was the cherished son of Joseph and Helen. The fact that he was the beloved son of Joseph and Helen will only contribute to make the aforementioned situation much more difficult to bear.

A large number of people, including his wife and his family, his in-laws Hugh and Dympna, his brothers-in-law, his sisters-in-law, his aunts, uncles, cousins, acquaintances and colleagues in the Defence Forces, relatives, neighbours, and a wide network of friends, will miss him terribly. His passing will be deeply felt by all of these people. The loss of him will be keenly felt by each and every one of these individuals.

In addition, his wife, along with his immediate family members, is completely and utterly astonished by the news. On the 31st of January, the body will be put in repose at the Temple Hill Funeral Home, which is located on Boreenmanna Road in Cork of Jerh. O’Connor Ltd., beginning at three o’clock and continuing until four o’clock.

The funeral home is owned and operated by Jerh. O’Connor Ltd. The funeral home may be found in the city of Cork. This will take place on Wednesday, the day that has been chosen.

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